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Summer Ceramics For High School Students


Jul 16 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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This class is for High School Ceramics students looking to keep in practice, or learn how to throw . Beginner  Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics  Students

Classes are held Thursdays from noon to 2pm   3 pm to 5pm  6pm to 8pm . 

This Class Runs for Four weeks with a Fifth Week For Glazing

Students will work on the Wheel or Hand build for 4 weeks Skip a Week and Come Back to Glaze Thier Pieces

Limited to 5 seats per Class

If you are in need of a different day or time please email:  or call us 413-507-1378


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These are beginners to advanced pottery classes :Classes meet  at the specified day and time

This class suits beginners and those who have taken classes some may still may need assistance centering and pulling. More advanced students may just  fine tuning or looking to get back into pottery

Students get 15 pounds of clay  for their projects

Beginners will learn how the center clay and throw basic objects such as cylinders and and bowls and will advance at their own pace

You can purchase additional clay  if needed  firing cost will be included in the cost of the clay.

Please Note:
1. Makeup Classes are not offered, unless it is due to holidays or weather conditions, you can substitute lost class time with Open Studio time.
2. You have up to two additional  weeks to finish your  work and use up your allotted Open Studio time.
3. You are responsible for cleaning your station after each class.
4. Pieces not picked up within 6 weeks  from end of last class date will be donated unless an arrangement has been made with Hebee Pottery

We suggest to bring your own hand towel. Please remove jewelry, pull long hair back, wear clothing you do not mind getting dirty. we do provide aprons

As is the nature of pottery pieces can crack or break in the kiln while we do our best things happen . Hebee Pottery will give you extra clay and time to make up for your loss.

Hebee Pottery reserves the right to cancel courses, substitute instructors, change course times, and limit enrollment. The student agrees to abide by any and all rules and policies of the studios. Hebee Pottery will assume no responsibility for any loss, personal or physical. With enrollment, a student consents to being photographed in classes (unless we informed in writing). These photographs may be used by Hebee Pottery in future promotional efforts without specific written permission from the student.


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